Meet Sadie!

Dec 20, 2016

Meet Sadie – we rescued her over 3 years ago and this is her modeling picture! She is a diva! To submit your own photo, please...

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Meet Nick Fury!

Dec 19, 2016

Meet Nick! Nick is about a year and a half old and was rescued from quite an awful neglect situation. He’s blind in his left...

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Meet Tormund!

Dec 18, 2016

Hi my name is Tormund and I’m a psychiatric service rabbit from a sunny lil corner of Belgium. I help my big two legged sister...

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Meet Sophie (In Memory Of)

Dec 17, 2016

Meet Sophie – here is a picture of her on my bed, she loved laying by my pillow getting petted in her senior years. I rescued...

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Meet Aquila!

Dec 16, 2016

Meet Aquila (pronounced uh-KWIHL-uh), who I call in short Aki (aa-kee), is a mini rex and is about a year old now. He was adopted into...

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Meet Oberon!

Dec 15, 2016

Meet my bunny Oberon (I call him Obie for short!) and he just loves to hang out with his doggie pal, Annabel! They make a pretty...

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Meet Munchkin!

Dec 8, 2016

Hello – My name is Munchkin, and I was adopted through New Mexico House Rabbit Society.  I live in a house with lots of other...

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Meet Oats!

Dec 7, 2016

Meet Oats! To submit your own photo, please email ...

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