How Cold Is Too Cold?

How cold is too cold outside? Buck & Darrell live inside and are house trained. But they love to play outdoors. At what temperature should they be brought indoors?

Rick Fleshin
Waynesville, Missouri

Because our editorial office is in California, we have to refrain from giving advice based only on this locale.

Oddly enough, the indoor winter temperature of California homes is generally much lower than elsewhere in the United States. In cold climates people tend to turn their thermostats up, exaggerating the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. So our suggestion is to turn your indoor heat down for a while, before exposing your buns to cold outdoor air.

Many of our readers report that their bunnies love to frolic in the snow. This is safe, as long as the rabbits stay active, but they should not be left unattended in extreme cold.

House Rabbit Journal Volume III, Number 1, Winter 1994