AB-44 – We did it! CA fur ban passed!

The fur ban, AB-44, passed in California, and will ban the sale, distribution, or manufacture of animal fur state-wide. This law is the first of its kind in the country, and will go far towards ending an incredibly cruel industry.

From AB-44:

This bill would make it unlawful to sell, offer for sale, display for sale, trade, give, donate, or otherwise distribute a fur product, as defined, in the state. The bill would also make it unlawful to manufacture a fur product in the state.

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This bill is sponsored by:

Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation
Animal Hope in Legislation
The Humane Society of the United States

House Rabbit Society supported banning fur in California, AB-44, including rabbit fur


More info:

Agribusinesses lobbied for an exemption for rabbit fur in AB-44, claiming that they’re already killing the rabbits for meat, so they might as well sell the pelts.

The problem with this is that rabbit meat isn’t very popular, so if rabbit fur becomes the ONLY kind of fur allowed in California, it’ll dramatically increase the number of rabbits who are killed. Instead of rabbits being raised for meat, it’ll be rabbits being raised for fur. 

In addition, the claim that rabbit fur is just a byproduct of rabbit meat is specious. Rabbits who are raised for meat are killed at a much younger age than rabbits who are raised and slaughtered for fur. The fur from rabbits slaughtered for meat is just used for toys and trim; the fashion industry relies on rabbits raised and killed solely for their fur. The meat from these fur rabbits is too “old” for human consumption.