HRS Supports Ban on Pet Store Sales of Rabbits, Cats, and Dogs – NY S.4234/A.6298

The proposed bill in New York state, S.4234/A.6298, would prohibit the sale of rabbits, dogs and cats in pet stores, and would continue to allow rescues and shelters to showcase animals for adoption.

In California on Jan. 1st of 2019, a ban on pet stores selling rabbits, dogs, and cats went into effect (previously AB-485, which House Rabbit Society supported).

House Rabbit Society volunteers and staff have visited pet stores across California to ensure rabbits are no longer being sold, and reported a handful of cases to animal control where stores were not complying with the new law.

In California, we are starting to see decreases in the number of rabbits coming into our animal shelters, and we are hopeful that the numbers of rabbits coming into shelters will continue to decline. A decline in the numbers of rabbits coming into shelters means a decline in euthanasia and a greater ability for shelters to focus lifesaving efforts on the animals in their care.

At House Rabbit Society headquarters in California, we are also seeing an increase in people coming to us looking to “buy” a rabbit now that rabbits aren’t available for sale in stores, not familiar with the special care rabbits require – we’re able to provide education and help them decide if a rabbit is right for their family, and those who adopt are saving a life. With a decrease in impulse purchases of rabbits from pet stores comes an increase in opportunities for lifesaving and education through rescue groups and shelters.

The official summary from the proposed NY state bill:

Prohibits the sale of of dogs, cats and rabbits by retail pet shops; authorizes collaboration with entities to provide space to showcase cats or dogs owned by certain entities for the purpose of adoption.

House Rabbit Society supports banning rabbit, dog, and cat pet store sales in New York, S.4234/A.6298

What can I do to help

New York residents, call your legislators to let them know that you are in their district and you support banning pet store sales of rabbits, cats, and dogs, S.4234/A.6298.

Find your NY State Senator

Find your NY State Assemblymember

Find out where the bill is right now in the legislative process

Read about the process of how a bill becomes a law in New York

Please share with every New York resident you know!


House Rabbit Society’s Letter of Support


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