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An Update on Our Progress: 3.14.24

An update on what Foundation has accomplished in our first 10 weeks online.
a bunny with torticollis

Head Tilt in Rabbits: Don’t Give Up

Head tilt is not only survivable, but treatable. Bunnies with a head tilt can live a happy, comfortable life.
rabbit hind limb weakness wheel support

Hind Limb Paresis and Paralysis in Rabbits

Whatever the cause of your rabbit's hind limb weakness, it definitely requires an in-person examination by a rabbit-experienced veterinarian so that appropriate treatment can be started as soon as possible.
fat rabbit

Overweight and Underweight Rabbits

OVERWEIGHT RABBITS Slim and sleek. This is veterinarian and author Dr. Susan Brown’s description of […]

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E. Cuniculi

Causes, treatments, and research on E. Cuniculi.

The Rabbit Liver in Health and Disease

We are working on securing reprint rights. In the meantime, here are third party links to the article.
photo of our board members

Our Board

Our Board We are a working board. Marinell focuses on authoring, Paige works on authoring […]

Skin Diseases in Rabbits: Common Causes, Common Treatments

The skin of rabbits is a window to their general state of health. Skin ailments […]

Rabbit Education Library

Rabbit Education Library Our Rabbit Education Library project is dedicated to creating and sourcing free […]
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