Help! My bunny has been diagnosed with a severe medical condition: Sources of medical advice

We know you want the best for your bunny, and we believe in getting a second opinion. While Foundation cannot offer medical advice (we’re not vets) we can offer the following ways to get a second opinion from a rabbit-savvy vet.

Online Resources Available to caregivers

Join the “Exotic Vet Corners Educational Group” on Facebook and request advice from an exotics vet. You can specify if you want advice from an experienced rabbit educator or an exotics vet only. It usually takes at least a day to get approved for this group and another half day to receive an answer.

Vet-to-Vet Phone Consults

If you have no local rabbit-savvy vets available or your own vet needs to speak to a more experienced rabbit vet, they can call one of the veterinarians listed below for a consultation to help diagnose your sick rabbit.

Some of these professionals charge a fee for consultations, and others do not. It will be up to your veterinarian to ask in advance. In addition to paying any consultation fees, remember to offer to pay your vet for the time they spend consulting for you as well as any long-distance charges.

Do not try to contact these veterinarians yourself. These veterinarians will only speak to another veterinary professional as a professional courtesy.

Other Useful Resources

  • We also highly recommend the article, Quality of Life. It helps provide context for when and if euthanasia should be considered.
Quality of Life
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