Spay/Neuter To Save Lives

Spay/Neuter To Save Lives, part five of a series on the benefits of s/n

Youʼve heard the saying “reproduce like rabbits”, but is it true? Unequivocally YES! One breeding pair of bunnies and their offspring could result in nearly 4 million rabbits in just 4 years!

As vulnerable prey animals, reproduction is the rabbitʼs only defense against extinction. Females are able to conceive at about 3 months old. Their pregnancies last around 30 days. After delivery mama bunny can be impregnated again only moments after giving birth!

What are the effects of all this reproduction? Unfortunately, it means that rabbits are the third most euthanized pet in United States shelters. In almost every state hundreds or even thousands of rabbits are currently looking for homes.

Thatʼs why itʼs so important to spay/neuter your bunnies. By spaying/neutering not only will you be improving your bunnyʼs life and your shared lives together, you will be helping to end the suffering and death of companion rabbits due to overpopulation. Your area may have a low-cost spay neuter program that you may quality for. You can also reach out to your local rabbit rescue organization for a list of recommended veterinarians. Together you can make a positive difference in the lives of rabbits everywhere.

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