How Many Rabbits Can A Rabbit Make?

Jan 12, 2017

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Photo by Joe Beane

One breeding pair of rabbits – and their offspring – can create nearly 4 million rabbits in only 4 years!

As prey animals, reproduction is the rabbit’s only defense against extinction. Females are able to conceive at about 3 months old. Their pregnancies last around 30 days. Mother rabbit can be impregnated again just moments after giving birth! A female rabbit can have one litter of babies per month!

That’s why it’s vital to spay/neuter your rabbits. “Just one litter” is not a humane option – there are already more domestic rabbits than rescues can find homes for. By spaying/neutering not only will you be improving your rabbit’s life and your lives together, you will be helping to end the suffering and death of companion rabbits due to overpopulation.

by Amy Ramnaraine
House Rabbit Society Educator in Training, Minnesota



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