Meet Binky!

Mar 17, 2021

I am a mom a beautiful lionhead rabbit, Binky! She is 4 years old and is very energetic! She loves causing mischief. She also loves...

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Meet Radish & Rutabaga!

Mar 16, 2021

Meet Radish, the white bunny and Rutabaga, the harlequin! Radish is nine months old. I’m not sure how old Rutabaga is, as she was a...

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Airlines that Allow Rabbits

Feb 2, 2021

  Airlines that allow rabbits in the cabin: Air Europa WestJet*** Horizon Alaska** Spirit Finnair Frontier* December 2019: United...

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Meet Calypso (In Memory Of)

Jan 19, 2021

Calypso was saved as a rescue bunny. We got him from a local no-kill animal shelter. We awoke and found him passed away...

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Meet Thumper!

Jan 18, 2021

Meet Thumper. I’ve had her 4 mos now. She is free roam in my bedroom and is litter box trained. She is not spayed yet but she...

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Meet Buttercup!

Jan 17, 2021

Meet Buttercup — a 4 month old lionhead who is still learning how to use her litter pan and her humans are learning how to...

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Meet Franklin!

Jan 16, 2021

He is my love!! Franklin is a 10.5 year old kissing cuddler. He had blood in his urine 4 years ago that was treated with 2 rounds...

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Meet Flower and Blossom!

Jan 15, 2021

Meet Flower (black Havana) – she is 8 weeks old  got her very recently. She is currently being litter trained and working on...

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Meet Boogedy!

Jan 14, 2021

Meet Boogedy – he’s a 4 year old dwarf and the center of my life. To submit your own photo, please email...

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Meet Carrot!

Jan 13, 2021

I just got Carrot six weeks ago. Since then he has become my best friend. He is sweet, friendly, smart and sassy. To submit your...

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Meet Bartolomeo!

Jan 12, 2021

Meet Bartolomeo – he’s a 5 year old lion head! To submit your own photo, please email ...

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Meet Waffle!

Jan 11, 2021

Meet Waffle – he’s a 5 year old Netherland Dwarf! Here he is celebrating Christmas! To submit your own photo, please...

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