How to Adopt

When you adopt, you save a life. Each rabbit who comes to House Rabbit Society was transferred from an animal shelter, whether because they were sick or hurt, because they were scared, or because the shelter simply had too many rabbits. House Rabbit Society is able to save their lives thanks to people like you who choose to adopt!

Step 1 – View adoptable rabbits

New rabbits arrive from shelters weekly, so check back frequently!

Step 2 – Watch our short video series

Our video series on rabbit care will help you get your home ready for a bunny.

Step 3 – Learn about Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV)

Read about Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) and how to keep your rabbit safe. Rabbits adopted from House Rabbit Society have had their first annual RHDV vaccine, but it will be important to take your rabbit to the vet every year to be vaccinated. You will also need to continue to take biosecurity precautions at home, as no vaccine provides 100% protection.

Step 4 – Submit an Adoption Questionnaire

Complete our Adoption Questionnaire

Please, only complete this Adoption Questionnaire if you are over the age of 18. This is for our San Francisco Bay Area (Richmond, CA) location. For other House Rabbit Society chapters, go here.

We will review your questionnaire and contact you to set up an appointment for a video call with a volunteer Adoption Counselor.

Adoption policies

Adult Primary Caregiver
The rabbit’s primary caregiver is an adult, and is wanted by everyone in the household. No group ownership, like a classroom pet.

Indoor Housing
Rabbits adopted from House Rabbit Society live indoors as part of the family. Due to the emergence of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) in 2020, we strongly recommend no outdoor playtime, even when vaccinated.

If you need to return a rabbit adopted from HRS, we ask for 2-4 weeks’ notice, so we can have a space ready for your rabbit to return. Rabbits adopted from HRS must be returned to HRS.

Adopting a friend for your rabbit

We are not able to offer rabbit speed-dating on-site due to the emergence of RHDV.

Learn more about rabbit bonding – if you’re up for the rewarding challenge of bonding at home, with video call support from an HRS bonding coach, we can send a bunny home with you for a 2-week foster-to-adopt to see if it will be a good match.

We will need a photo of your rabbit’s current RHDV vaccination certificate before scheduling a pickup date to take home a bunny for foster-to-adopt.

Step 5 – Get your home ready

You will need to get your home ready before bringing a bunny home. Read more about living with rabbits at, or buy the House Rabbit Handbook. Bunny-proof your home and protect electrical cords. Decide what to buy in terms of enclosure, exercise pen, or other housing, plus food, litter boxes, toys and other care items.

Step 6 – Take your rabbit home

We will schedule an appointment with you to take your rabbit home!

We understand it’s difficult to ensure the right match with a bunny when you’ve only met them online. We provide a 2-day foster-to-adopt period to make sure your rabbit is the right match for your family. We will ask you to sign our foster agreement before taking the rabbit home. Supplies are not provided for foster-to-adoptions.

In these uncertain times, please only take home a rabbit to foster-to-adopt, if you are planning to adopt a rabbit. If you’re looking for our foster program, learn more here.

We will schedule a curbside pickup appointment with you. You can bring a carrier, or you can purchase one at House Rabbit Society. We have hay, pellets, exercise pens, litter boxes, water bowls and more for sale at our Hop Shop with curbside pickup, and proceeds benefit our rescue and education work.

Finalize the adoption

At the end of the 2-day foster-to-adopt period, we’ll ask you to complete our Adoption Agreement via text or email, and pay the adoption donation.

If you decide the rabbit is not the right fit, you’ll return the bunny to House Rabbit Society at the end of 2 days. You will have a scheduled return appointment when you take the bunny home.


Adoption Donation

Single rabbit: $100
Bonded pair:  $150

What’s Included:

spay/neuter – important for a rabbit’s health, litter box habits, and no accidental babies

microchip – free lifetime registration

vet exam – by a veterinarian while at House Rabbit Society. Adopters receive a copy of all veterinary records.

vaccinated against Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) – the first annual vaccine already completed while at House Rabbit Society

preventative treatment for external & internal parasites

cardboard carrier – while we recommend investing in a durable plastic carrier, we can provide a cardboard carrier for you to take your rabbit home

coupon – 20% off at Pet Food Express

one-year membership to House Rabbit Society ($20 value!) – includes a membership card, discounts on online shopping, and a subscription to the House Rabbit Journal

Adoptable Rabbits

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Adoptable Rabbits From The Community

Don’t see the rabbit of your dreams on our website? Check out our Home to Home courtesy listing page where local residents looking to rehome rabbits can get connected with those looking to adopt. These rabbits are not affiliated with House Rabbit Society and are being listed as a courtesy. Contact information for adopting these rabbits is made possible through Home to Home directly.

Visit House Rabbit Society’s Home to Home Courtesy Page.