Group Living

Keeping large rabbit groups in warren-like habitats unveils their wild behaviors, demanding ample space and dedication.
two senior house rabbits

Understanding Rabbit Aging: When Does Your Bunny Become a Senior?

Aging is a natural process. A well cared-for house rabbit can age gracefully and enjoy many golden years.

Perks & Pitfalls of Rabbits: An Honest Guide

Are you thinking about a rabbit as a pet? We're so glad you're researching rabbit care before making a decision.

Bonding With Your Rabbit

Rabbits are social animals. They need relationships to thrive.
house rabbit looking up at viewer

Mental Makeup

Rabbits are comprised of paradoxes that make them highly entertaining—inquisitive yet cautious, skittish yet confident, energetic yet lazy, timid yet bold.

Who Wants a Mean Rabbit?

SO YOU want a perfect animal. One who greets you at the door, who licks your […]
house rabbit looking directly at camera

To Love a Mean Rabbit

Until the warmth of friendship brings this rosebud into bloom, we will handle her thorns with care.
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