Every Little Thing She Does

The more lives you pay attention to, the more you learn about those particular lives and about the craft of paying attention.

Rabbits and Children: Fostering Compassion at Home

Rabbits and children can bring joy and companionship to a family, but they require understanding, patience, and commitment from an adult.

Bunny’s First Days in a New Home

When you first bring home a rabbit, one of the most useful tools for helping him to feel at ease is your imagination

So You Have To Medicate Your Rabbit…

A plethora of tips for medicating bunnies at home

Natural Routines: Litterboxes

A bunny's use of litterboxes should be a natural evolution of what he wants to do anyway.
house rabbit looking up at viewer

Mental Makeup

Rabbits are comprised of paradoxes that make them highly entertaining—inquisitive yet cautious, skittish yet confident, energetic yet lazy, timid yet bold.
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