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NOTE: Our website has changed. Please visit for our new website and for our new behavior page.

Here you will find all of our online behavior resources grouped by subject. Don't see what you're looking for? Try out our site search instead. We suggest newcomers start out with our FAQs.

Litter Training

FAQ: Litter Training
Litterboxes and Liver Disease
Littertraining for those who want but can't
The Dangers of Clumping Litters


FAQ: Rabbit Introductions
Video: Introducing Rabbits
Would my Rabbit Like a Companion?
Rabbits Teaching Rabbits
Bonding When the Going Gets Tough
Introductions: An Eastern European Perspective
When Your Rabbit Rejects You
Dorothy: Learning to Love Again
Mending a Broken Bunny Bond

Rabbits and the Family

Dogs and Rabbits
Cats and Rabbits
Do Men and Women Relate to Rabbits Differently?
Babies and Rabbits
Rabbits and Children FAQ
Children and Rabbits

Aspects of Rabbit Personality

FAQ: Chewing
FAQ: Training
Understanding Your Rabbit's Body Language
Lops are Mellow and Other Myths
Kingdoms Large and Small: Rabbit Hierarchies
Just For Fun: Rabbits and Their Sense of Humor
Understanding the Emotional Messages of Your Rabbit
Bridging Communication Gaps
Living with an Aloof Rabbit
Pet Loss Support For Your Rabbit

Aggression and Age-Related Behavior

FAQ: Aggression
Who Wants a Mean Rabbit?
Turning Fear Into Play
Tools of the Trade: Dealing with Negative Rabbit Behaviors
Age Related Behavior
Mr B of Berkeley: A true tale of adolescent behavior.

Other Resources

Where to Buy House Rabbit Supplies
Clicker Training for Rabbits
Natural Rabbit Behavior
House Rabbit Journal Article Index
Blip TV: Educational Rabbit Videos

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