Essential House Rabbit Supplies

What supplies do I need for my house rabbit? Here’s a comprehensive list of basic supplies for your new bunny.


  • Decide if your rabbit will have free run of your home or a smaller designated safe space.
  • Choose from options like an exercise pen, condo, bunny gate, or another setup.
  • Check our Housing article for various housing options.
  • Include a soft rug or blanket for your bunny to lay on that’s easy to wash or clean and discourages chewing.

Food & Water Bowls

  • You’ll need two heavy bowls for food and water.
  • Consider hay placement in the litter box or try hay feeders.


  • Acquire a hard-sided, top and front-opening carrier for vet visits.
  • Add a soft blanket for comfort

Litter Boxes + Litter

  • Plan for at least two litter boxes, on for inside your bunny’s pen and one outside for when he exercises and plays.
  • Choose safe litter options, avoiding clay or soft woods.


  • Provide unlimited high-quality timothy hay – that’s the primary part of their diet.

Fresh Veggies:

  • Include daily fresh greens. Refer to our bunny-safe veggie list.



  • Keep your rabbit entertained and engaged and they are much less likely to chew on furniture and other unhealthy things. Visit our playthings article for ideas.

Grooming and Cleaning Supplies:

  • Have a nail clipper, styptic powder, brush, and a comb.
  • You’ll need a flashlight for illuminating darker nails for stress-free nail trimming.
  • Revolution or Advantage (kitten strength) for added flea protection in prone areas or if you have other pets.
  • Use white vinegar for cleaning and a whisk broom and a dust pan for accidents.

Rabbit Proofing Supplies

  • Rabbits always chew. Bunny-proof any areas of hour home your rabbit will have access to. space using split tubing or pre-slit cord tamers. Visit our Bunny Proofing Your Space  article for more ideas.

Medical Supplies/First Aid Kit

Remember, while a first aid kit is helpful, it doesn’t replace timely attention from a rabbit-savvy veterinarian during emergencies. It aids in stabilizing your rabbit until professional care is available.

Care Book

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