Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve compiled documents containing the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about every major house rabbit topic. These FAQs are just a starting point; for more thorough coverage of all aspects of house rabbit care, we suggest you read House Rabbit Handbook.

imageHouse Rabbit Basics

 Bunny Basics: Living with a House Rabbit
 Spaying and Neutering
 Litter Training
 Indoor and Outdoor Hazards
 Sources of House Rabbit Information

Medical Issues

 Medical Concerns
 Finding a Qualified Rabbit Vet
 Giving Medications
 Disabled Rabbits


 Shy Rabbits
 General Training


 Are Multiple Rabbits Right for You?
 Rabbit Introductions


 Warm Weather Concerns
 Classroom Rabbits
 Children and Rabbits
 Rabbits Outdoors

Wild Rabbits

Baby jackrabbits wait like this for mom

Baby jackrabbits wait like this for mom. Leave them for her.

 Humane Methods of Wild Rabbit Control
 Orphaned Baby Bunnies

Other Common Questions

 House Rabbit Society Information
 Basic Supply List
 Vacations and Travel
 Pet Loss Support
 How To Rescue a Rabbit
 Caring for Orphaned Baby Rabbits (Wild and Domestic)