Why Regular Veterinary Visits are Essential for Rabbit Health

Rabbits require yearly wellness exams, and senior rabbits benefit from twice-yearly wellness exams. All bunnies in the United States now need an annual RHDV2 vaccination. Regular checkups are part of preventative health care.

Don’t put off seeing a veterinarian until your rabbit is sick. It is important to develop a relationship with a veterinarian you can trust. Knowing a qualified veterinarian before an emergency or disease happens gives you peace of mind and resources ready to go.

Have your rabbit examined when she is healthy. The yearly wellness visit will help determine what is normal for your rabbit. Regular exams also help your veterinarian detect problems before they become emergencies.

Beside spay/neuter services, your rabbit needs a skilled veterinarian to provide health care throughout her life. Rabbits may need to see a vet for issues such as: dental problems or routine tooth trimming, gastrointestinal issues (stasis or obstruction), upper respiratory infections, bladder stones, sludge, or infections, eye injuries, ear infections, parasites, head tilt, or wounds.

Rabbits are considered exotic animals so make sure your veterinarian is qualified to treat rabbits. A qualified rabbit veterinarian has received extra training to treat exotic animals. Your local rabbit rescue may already have a list to share of the most experienced and recommended veterinarians in your area.


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