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Jan 15, 2013 by HRS

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We’ve compiled the following list of rabbit rescue and education resources for our friends who live outside of the USA. This list includes rabbit rescue groups whose principles and practices we support, including HRS chapters and HRS allies (marked with an * and a rabbit on the map), and independent rescue groups.

These groups follow HRS guidelines as follows:

  • spay/neuter all rabbits
  • keep rabbits indoors
  • adopt to indoor homes only
  • provide educational material with adopted rabbits

North America: Canada

Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy* – HRS Chapter
Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary – BC
Vernon Rabbit Rescue – BC
Rabbit Advocacy Group – BC
Rabbitats Rabbit Rescue – BC
Ontario Rabbit Education Organization
Rabbit Rescue Incorporated – Ontario
New Moon Rabbit Rescue – Ontario
Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society – Edmonton, Alberta
Quebec Rabbit Rescue – Quebec
La Tanière Sanctuaire – Quebec

North America: Mexico

 Reino Conejo – Mexico (Facebook)* – (Ally)

South America

Bunny Lovers of Chile* – (Ally)


Rabbit Rehome – United Kingdom
Action for Rabbits – United Kingdom
Cottontails – United Kingdom
Far Place Animal Rescue – United Kingdom
Rabbit Welfare Association – United Kingdom
Rabbit Residence – United Kingdom

Marguerite & Cie, Site d’information sur le lapin de compagnie – France
La Colline aux Lapins – Switzerland* – (Ally)
Kaninchen Schutz – Germany
Stichting BunnyBin – Netherlands
Kaniner – Norway
National Association of Rabbit Friends (Asociación Nacional de Amigos del Conejo) – Spain
Rabbit Rescue Spain
AAE Conigli – Italy* – HRS Chapter
Helping Rabbits – Russia (email address)
Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Krlikom – Poland
Fundacja Azyl Dla Krolikow (Rabbit Rescue) – Poland
Tarra Land – Croatia
Bunnies of Greece* – (Ally)


House Rabbit Society Singapore* – (Ally)
Bunny Wonderland Singapore
Hong Kong Rabbit Society
Taipei Rabbit Society Association
Rabbit Awareness Philippines

Australia and New Zealand

Rabbit Runaway Orphanage – Australia* – HRS Chapter
Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary – Northern NSW Australia
Big Ears Animal Sanctuary Inc. – Tasmania
Australian Companion Rabbit Society
Wellington SPCA (NZ) 

An independent rescue group is a shelter or rescue who does good work for rabbits but is not an HRS chapter or HRS ally. Independent rescuers are unaffiliated with HRS; we provide these listings as a service to the public for areas where there are no HRS chapters or HRS allies. Apply to be listed as an independent rescue group.
An HRS Ally is a group that professes to have similar purposes and philosophy; signs an annual pledge with HRS, may/may not be incorporated; operates fostering and education programs that may/may not follow HRS guidelines; may/may not have licensed HRS Educators, and will be listed on the HRS website as an Ally. HRS does not investigate allies’ facilities or practices, and allies can use HRS materials but not the HRS name or logo. Allies’ rabbits are not the responsibility of HRS. Apply to be an HRS Ally.

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