three rescued rabbits on a chair

Statistics: How Many Pet Rabbits are There in the USA?

So how many rabbits (or bunnies) are there in the United States in 2024? Each […]

How to Say Rabbit

The Word for Rabbit in Different Languages  Or…A rabbit by any other name is still […]
wild rabbit

Humane Methods of Wild Rabbit Control

Courtesy of the Humane Society of the United States Rabbit damage is almost always the result […]

Video: 8 Common Myths about Rabbits

Let's talk about some common rabbit myths.

Pet Loss Support and Grief Resources

A set of links and other resources to support you in pet loss and grief when your rabbit passes.
a rabbit scut. otherwise known as a bunny tail.

Scut’s up, Doc?

What's the scuttlebutt on scuts?

ASCII Bunny Art

We've had several people submit ascii art of rabbits.

House Rabbit Resource Book

Downloadable and printable House Rabbit Resource Book from SDHRS
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