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The Rabbit Gallery

Here are a few pictures of our rabbits, Foo, Zowie ands Zippy and Izzy in their natural habitat - our living room.

Foo Bar
Foo Bar was our first house rabbit. He's the head of the bunny household, and is in charge of grooming our other two rabbits, Zippy and Zowie. Foo Bar is quite well connected, and has managed to get on several mailing lists. We often get junk mail for "Mr. Foo Bar Bunnet."

Foo Bar in our backyard in 1997

Foo really enjoyed spending time hopping around the back yard. This was one of the last photos of Foo before he passed away. We miss him dearly. The story of Foo's first year with us can be found here. A big version of this photo is also available.

Izzy and Zippy
This isn't the best picture, but at least now you can meet Izzy, the newest addition to our family. THere are many more great pictures of Izzy in the Izzy and Zowie gallery

Foo and Zippy by the Computer
Foo and Zippy are both neutered male Jersey Woolys. They have the run of our house, but prefer to stay in the front room. Sitting beside the computer is one of their favorite resting spots.

Foo and Zowie in front of the TV
Foo and Zowie are a bonded pair of Jersey Woolys. Foo was born in 1990, Zowie in 1991. Their color is chestnut agouti.

Zowie at Six Weeks
Zowie was only six weeks old when we adopted her.

Zowie at Six Months
Zowie has really big ears when she was a teenager.

Zippy Being Hypnotized
Zippy is a real "lap bunny" and loves to be held and petted. In this picture, my mom has him "hypnotized" on his back, sound asleep.

More Pictures

The story of Foo
Pictures and stories about Foo's first year with us.

The Zowie and Izzy Gallery
1998 - present. 10 beautiful color photographs of Izzy and Zowie.

The Zippy and Izzy Gallery
1997 - present. Wonderful new images from ace photogropher Lori Neuman.

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