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Resources for Helping Abused or Neglected Rabbits

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Reporting Animal Abuse or Neglect
Sadly HRS often gets inquiries regarding domestic rabbit neglect and abuse. All too often we hear of rabbits being given as prizes at fairs, rabbits being kept in unsanitary conditions at pet stores, and breeding programs run amok.

Unfortunately House Rabbit Society does not have animal control capabilities; that is a function of local animal control programs. We encourage you to work with your local humane society to report and prosecute abuse and neglect. The following sites have useful resources to help with abuse and neglect cases.

Animal Protection Institute
The Animal Protection Institute also has an amazing set of resources about laws dealing with companion animals, specifically a state by state list of every law dealing with pet stores, breeders, dealers, and more. It even lists which state laws deal with which animal, so it's easy to see if your state's cruelty laws cover rabbits. They also provide a summary of pet store laws.

Humane Society of the United States
Check out the full article, "Reporting Animal Abuse or Neglect" at the HSUS website.

US Federal Regulations
The government has a website detailing the US Animal Welfare Act Regulations. This is probably the most useful of the lot, especially when going up against bad pet stores. There are also USDA laws pertaining to commercial rabbit care requirements.

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