Group Living

Keeping large rabbit groups in warren-like habitats unveils their wild behaviors, demanding ample space and dedication.

Perks & Pitfalls of Rabbits: An Honest Guide

Are you thinking about a rabbit as a pet? We're so glad you're researching rabbit care before making a decision.
rabbit overpopulation in an image five baby rabbits

5 Startling Rabbit Overpopulation Facts: Why Breeding Is a Problem

Choosing not to breed rabbits is a responsible and compassionate decision. Here are five alarming reasons to avoid breeding and rabbit overpopulation.

The Most Important Word in Bonding: PATIENCE

Patience is the magic word when it comes to bunny bonding. PICK potential partner rabbits carefully. There […]

Spaying and Neutering Basics

One of the most important decisions you can make for the health and well-being of […]

More Than Just a Chew Stick

As a fosterer, I often receive calls from people who are trying to find homes […]
house rabbit looking antisocial


Aggressive rabbits are often very intelligent animals who are just trying to express themselves.
two house rabbits on a cardboard house

Top 10 Reasons Rabbits Are Abandoned

This data was compiled from the author’s personal experience at the intake desk of a […]

Spay-Neuter is a Win-Win

A spay-neuter prevents or solves all the most common behavior problems facing rabbits who live with humans.
house rabbit looking antisocial

Socializing the Antisocial Rabbit

Did Sinbad’s socialization subdue his vigorous spirit?
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