About House Rabbit Society

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animatedLopRabbitHouse Rabbit Society is a nonprofit organization with two primary goals:

  • To rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent homes for them and
  • To educate the public and assist humane societies, through publications on rabbit care, phone consultation, and classes upon request.

We operate an adoption and education center at our International Headquarters in Richmond, California.

 What is House Rabbit Society’s Philosophy?

The House Rabbit Society believes that ALL rabbits are valuable as individuals, regardless of breed purity, temperament, state of health, or relationship to humans. The welfare of all rabbits is our primary consideration.

In line with our mission, we are against the exploitation of rabbits.

Except for unique situations, in which wild animals are being nursed or rehabilitated, it is in the best interest of wild rabbits that human intervention be held to a minimum.

Domestic rabbits are not the product of natural selection, but rather of human interference by means of breeding programs, and the product is a human-dependent animal who needs protection. It is therefore a human responsibility that these animals be cared for in a manner appropriate to their needs.

It is in the best interest of domestic rabbits to be neutered/spayed, to live in human housing where supervision and protection are provided, and to be treated for illnesses by veterinarians.

Domestic rabbits are companion animals and should be afforded at least the same individual rights, level of care, and opportunity for longevity as commonly afforded to dogs and cats who live as human companions.

Rabbits are intelligent, social animals who require mental stimulation, toys, exercise, environmental activity, and social interaction (from, as appropriate, people, other rabbits, or other animals).

How do I join House Rabbit Society?

Join House Rabbit Society online, or send $20 (non-USA residents send $28) to:

House Rabbit Society
148 Broadway
Richmond, CA 94804

Donate online, or join our monthly giving club the Bunny Brigade!


As an educational service, House Rabbit Society members receive the House Rabbit Journal twice a year. To find out more about membership, to see when your membership expires, or to update your address, please email membership@rabbit.org.

What information can I find on House Rabbit Society’s website?

Rabbit.org contains articles on nearly every aspect of rabbit care, behavior and health, resources for rescues and shelters, back issues of the House Rabbit Journal, and links to House Rabbit Society chapters (on our home page).

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