Essential Bunny Care: Top 10 Tips for New Rabbit Caregivers

What are the 10 most important things a new rabbit caregiver should know? Ohio House Rabbit Rescue asked their supporters and fellow rabbit rescuers this exact question. People from all over the country responded. The resulting list is such a helpful guide, especially if you are just getting started.

These ten essential things are exactly what potential adopters need to know before they adopt. They also serve as an excellent benchmark for experienced rabbit lovers. Whether you are new to rabbits or are in the first years of caring for a rabbit this list covers some of the most important things to learn about your new friends.

  1. A rabbit-savvy vet is your new best friend. Don’t forget to vaccinate!
  2. Get your rabbits spayed/neutered!
  3. Think outside the hutch and bring rabbits inside the house.
  4. Make sure you choose spacious housing.
  5. Bunny-proof your home.
  6. Rabbits can easily learn to use a litter box.
  7. Rabbits need play, exercise and mental stimulation.
  8. Feeding the correct diet is essential.
  9. Educate yourself on rabbit health and care.
  10. Rabbits live 8-14 years — they are a serious commitment.

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    Since 2001 my life has been filled with my own beloved, free-roaming house rabbits. They fueled my desire to help other people and their rabbits live happily and healthfully together. I began as a local educator for the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society (2008 — 2015). I then became a licensed educator for the national House Rabbit Society (2016 — 2023). I have expanded my own rabbit knowledge through many conferences and seminars on rabbit care, behavior, and health. As a rabbit advocate I’ve organized transports, campaigned, fostered, and provided hospice care. As an educator I’ve done my best to create easily accessible information to improve the lives of rabbits and the humans who care for them. My beloved bunnies were: Mouse & Duchess, Captain BlackOak & Pixel, Fluffston, Guinevere, Joy & Magnus.

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