The Right Stuff for a Bereaved Bunny

For animals and humans alike, there is nothing sadder than the loss of one’s long-time […]

Two Rabbits: A Perfect Match or Double Trouble?

The vast majority of rabbits crave the companionship of at least one of their own kind. We offer the following to help you decide whether a multi-rabbit household is right for you.
two rabbits in a litter box

Litterboxes and Liver Disease

Choice of litter and bedding material has always been based on individual preferences. We now have reason to believe that real health factors must also be considered.

Pet Loss Support and Grief Resources

A set of links and other resources to support you in pet loss and grief when your rabbit passes.

Thwarting the House-Fly

Calling them house flies is a misnomer, in my opinion. We do not invite them […]

Treat Foods

That cute little whiskered face is so hard to ignore, especially when your bun sits […]

When Fido Met Thumper

Those of us who share our lives with non-human animals know the joy these friendships bring us.

The Case for Rabbits in the Plural

Save two lives instead of only one and your care may also turn out to be twice as easy.

Life with an Aloof Rabbit

Rabbits have individual temperaments which must be recognized and respected.

Blueberry and Raspberry

I BOUGHT MY first two rabbits at a pet store in Berkeley and then found […]
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