Comprehensive Guide to Lagomorph Species: Pikas, Rabbits, and Hares of the World

The Lagomorpha order, encompassing pikas, rabbits, and hares, includes some of the most fascinating and diverse small mammals on earth.

How to Keep Your Rabbit Cool In Summer

In summer, heat exhaustion can be an issue for all rabbits but the long-haired, overweight, old and young are at elevated risk

How to Handle and Pick Up a Rabbit

Here are four annotated educational videos with helpful tips on handling and picking up a […]

Pasteurella: Its Health Effects in Rabbits

Understanding Pasteurella can help caregivers take positive action.

Sex Hormones in Altered Rabbits

This may be an answer for those super sexy bunnies.
fat rabbit

Overweight and Underweight Rabbits

OVERWEIGHT RABBITS Slim and sleek. This is veterinarian and author Dr. Susan Brown’s description of […]

Traveling With a Rabbit: Your Complete Guide

Traveling with a rabbit is definitely no small task. Quite a bit of preparation and consideration is needed, especially if you do not have rabbit supplies at the destination.
two senior house rabbits

Understanding Rabbit Aging: When Does Your Bunny Become a Senior?

Aging is a natural process. A well cared-for house rabbit can age gracefully and enjoy many golden years.
a wide angle closeup of three house rabbits in a carrier with an open door

Ultimate Guide to a Bunny-Friendly Road Trip: Tips and Essentials

It's moving day. What do you do about your most fragile, beloved valuable of all, your house rabbit?

Scholarly Research on Rabbit Welfare, Behavior and Housing

This article features recent scholarly works on companion rabbit behavior, welfare, and the rabbit-human relationship, […]
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