Bunny proofing

Necessity’s Child: Bunnyproofing through creative adaptations

Creative thinking can help when it comes to bunny-proofing. Here's some inspiration.

Why Does My Rabbit Chew on Everything?

Understand why rabbits chew and how to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your favorite furniture.

Caring for Rabbits in Animal Shelters

If you work or volunteer for an animal shelter, we have materials that can help.

Essential House Rabbit Supplies

What supplies do I need for my house rabbit? Here’s a comprehensive list of basic […]

Living Space: How to set it up

How to create flexible living arrangements for a happy house bunny.

Bunny Proofing Your Space

Any part of your house that is exposed to a bunny resident should have protection […]

The Story of FooBar

Over three decades ago we learned all about having a house rabbit the hard way.

Choosing A Rabbit

While you consider what you want in a rabbit, consider also what you have to offer in yourself. Would your new bunny choose you?
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