Gastrointestinal Stasis: The S...

Feb 10, 2013

It’s an all too familiar story. “My bunny stopped eating, and then she just died.” When we ask for details, we often...

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Disorders of the Cecum

Jan 22, 2013

The healthy functioning of the cecum is critical to the overall health of a rabbit. Gaining an understanding of how this large organ...

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Intermittent Soft Cecotropes i...

Jun 10, 2012

*Please note that it will be helpful to the understanding of this disease if you first read theĀ Care of RabbitsĀ handout in order to...

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The Perils of Bunny Obesity

Jan 15, 2012

There are important reasons why you must not give in to your rabbit’s adorable begging. Once a rabbit becomes overweight it can...

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Soft Stools

Jul 10, 2011


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The Mystery of Rabbit Poop

Jun 10, 2011

If you have an infant or juvenile rabbit suffering from runny stool, you should consider it a life-threatening emergency requiring...

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