Two Rabbits: A Perfect Match or Double Trouble?

The vast majority of rabbits crave the companionship of at least one of their own kind. We offer the following to help you decide whether a multi-rabbit household is right for you.

Spay/Neuter For Good Behavior

Did you know that spay/neuter has an enormous positive impact on rabbit behavior? 

Tools of the Trade

There are a few basic rules about interacting with rabbits that can be very useful in preventing or solving misunderstandings.

Bunpocalypse Breeding Stats: How Many Rabbits Can A Rabbit Make?

One breeding pair of rabbits — and their offspring — can create nearly 4 million […]

The Rabbit Liver in Health and Disease

We are working on securing reprint rights. In the meantime, here are third party links to the article.

Spay/Neuter To Save Lives

Youʼve heard the saying “reproduce like rabbits”, but is it true?

Spay-Neuter is a Win-Win

A spay-neuter prevents or solves all the most common behavior problems facing rabbits who live with humans.
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