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NOTE: Our website has changed. Please visit for our new website and for our new care pages.

This page lists all our documents on rabbit care grouped by subject. Don't see what you're looking for? try out our site search instead. We suggest newcomers start out with our FAQs.

General Care

Book: The House Rabbit Handbook
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Video: Your First House Rabbit
Video: Nail Cutting Video
FAQ: Basic Rabbit Care
FAQ: Spaying or Neutering Your Rabbit
Bunny Basics: Living with a House Rabbit brochure (pdf)
House Rabbits 101: All You Need To Know About Your New Bunny

FAQ: Diet
FAQ: Treat Foods

The role of pellets and vegetables in the diet
The importance of fiber
Nutritional comparison of popular pellet brands
How the rabbit digestive system works
Special foods for rabbits with special medical needs
Bunny Biscuts - a special treat to bake for your bunny

Litter Training

FAQ: Litter Training

Litterboxes and Liver Disease
Littertraining for those who want but can't
The Dangers of Clumping Litters


FAQ: Housing

Beyond Cages: The Possibilities of Pen Living
The House That Max Built
Chateau in Iowa: A bunny habbitat
How to Build a Daytime Outdoor Rabbit Run
An Appeal to Cage Manufactureres

Mental Health

FAQ: Toys

More Than a Chew Stick: Why Playthings Matter
The Playful Nature of Rabbits
The Games Rabbits Play
Clicker Training for Rabbits
Just For Fun

Babies and Orphans

FAQ: Wild and Domestic Orphans

Caring for an orphaned litter of rabbits.

Geriatric Rabbits

Living With An Elder Bun
Assisted Living for Special Needs Bunnies
To a Long Life: Geriatric Workups

JB the Geriatric Rabbit
For Those Who Want To But Can't

Grooming and Handling

FAQ: Grooming
FAQ: Handling
Angora Grooming
Picking Up, Lifting, and Holding Your Rabbit


FAQ: Rabbit Proofing Your House
FAQ: Rabits Outdoors
Rabbits and Children

A Sense of Place and Space
Places To Be
Renting: Saying Yes to Rabbits
To Fly or not to Fly

Other Resources

Where to Buy House Rabbit Supplies
House Rabbit Journal Article Index

Index of all available FAQs
Including Rabbits in your Emergency Plans
Blip TV: Educational Rabbit Videos


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