Exercise: Setting up playgrounds 

Opportunity to exercise should be provided at least four hours a day or thirty hours a week

Dogs and Bunnies

More important than the dog or bunny behavior in establishing a compatible relationship is human behavior. Our job is to show our dogs how we want them to behave around our rabbits.

Bunny Proofing Your Space

Any part of your house that is exposed to a bunny resident should have protection […]
wild rabbit nest with healthy babies

Wild Baby Bunnies: Are They Orphaned?

Wild baby bunnies are usually not orphaned. Despite good intentions, attempting to rehabilitate them can be illegal and harmful.
two house rabbits on a cardboard house

How To Care For A Pet Rabbit: A Primer

Responsibility involves providing proper housing, nutrition, grooming, and veterinary care.

A History of Rabbits on the Internet

Since the earliest days of the Internet, rabbits and all things rabbit have been flourishing online
illustration of rabbits and hay bales

Rabbit and Human Coexistence

Still Wild Because we share our homes and lives with animals domesticated relatively recently (about […]

Who Wants a Mean Rabbit?

SO YOU want a perfect animal. One who greets you at the door, who licks your […]
face of a pet rabbit with myxomatosis

Californian myxomatosis

Myxomatosis is a deadly viral disease of domesticated (European) rabbits caused by the myxoma virus.
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