Spaying and Neutering Basics

One of the most important decisions you can make for the health and well-being of […]

Finding Your Rabbit A Companion

Rabbits are naturally very social animals, and usually do best with a rabbit friend.
closeup of house rabbit eating leafy green vegetables.

Best Vegetables for Rabbits: A Healthy Diet Guide

Learn the ideal rabbit diet proportions: 80% hay, 10% fresh vegetables, and less than 5% fruits as treats for a healthy bunny.

Caring For Baby Bunnies

This article is reprinted by permission of If you find yourself caring for a domestic […]

Senior Health Concerns

Senior rabbits require extra attention to their health and wellness.

Litter Training FAQ

Common litter training concerns and a helpful overview video.

Finding a Home for an Unwanted Rabbit (rehoming)

Finding a new home for a rabbit (rehoming) is all about preparation and patience.

The Case for Rabbits in the Plural

Save two lives instead of only one and your care may also turn out to be twice as easy.

Life with an Aloof Rabbit

Rabbits have individual temperaments which must be recognized and respected.

Reading Your Rabbit’s Behavior

A basic vocabulary of rabbit language to help you start a conversation with your companion.
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